Silverspoon has received a number of questions over the years that we thought may be beneficial to answer for you. These questions include areas of delivery, costs, product support and more. So please review them since you may find answers to questions you may have . . .

1. Does your service program include charges for equipment?  No. The equipment is part of the program but is not charged to you. Only the coffee, tea and paper products that you require.

2. Do you service the equipment we use? Yes. We set up a schedule of service with you when we define the coffee or tea service you require.

3. Is this a bundled service for product, equipment and delivery based on our size company and useage? Yes. The more targeted we can be in the volume of product you use the better the price we can give you on a monthly basis.

4. What time frame is there for setting up our account or when can we expect to  have your product set up in our company for our employees? 2 weeks. We will have all the equipment, beverage and paper products set up in your   business environment. And we certainly will try to do it quicker if we can.

5. Can I order online or do I call you? Call us at 781.281.7141. We can tailor a program to you and need information about your company to do so. We need to know the number of people using the products, how much of product will be used each day/week, what products you prefer, etc. All details that are important to be customized to your business at the best price.

6. How often is delivery based upon our needs? We can deliver once a month or 2x monthly—just depends on your customized program. And we delivery FREE. No added charge.

7. What happens if our supplies don’t last, can I call for a supplemental delivery? Of course, and we will respond quickly—within 24 hours.

8. Can I change my order at any time? Yes. We just need some lead notice of 30 days to accommodate the new requirements.

9. Do we sign a year contract or? And, how are we billed and how often? Yes. A year contract is required and we bill the first of every month and it’s due upon receipt.

10. Can we pay with our company credit card? Yes. This is discussed when we set up your account and customized program. We can automatically deduct from your account monthly with your authorization or, you can access your account online and pay.

11. New products—will be be advised of other new products we may be interested in? Absolutely. Our sales staff will alert you of our new products or products no longer being continued. Any adjustments to your program will be discussed and agreed upon.

12. Will there be a sales person assigned to our account for us to contact? Of course, we are proud of our sales staff and when you sign up for a program a sales       person will be assigned to you and will finalize your customized program with you. They will continue to be in contact with you each month to make sure your account is   being well serviced.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call your rep or our company management at any time, 781.281.7141. We value your business and look forward to a positive, long term relationship for us both to benefit.