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About Us

Who we are.

officeSilverspoon is a family operated business located in Woburn, MA.  Since 2008 we have been providing high quality international coffee, tea and equipment to businesses and restaurants in the New England.

Our Mission.

Silverspoon is  fully dedicated to offering high quality, unique international specialty coffee, tea and equipment products to benefit our business customers. Our business is built on high standards, quality products, targeted programs which includes all products –coffee, tea, equipment and paper products– in their business establishments, excellent, responsive customer service and delivery.

What makes us different.

We offer a customized, wide selection of programs to meet our customer needs.  They include all products to support using a coffee or tea service in a business or restaurant environment.  We don’t charge for the use of the equipment and we maintain them for constant use.  If for any reason one may breakdown, we will fix onsite or replace the unit while we repair it. We are servicing businesses with 10 or 300 people onsite and require portable or plumbed equipment.  The largest benefit we hear from our customers is they love our International  products and service and this is why . . .

‘a wonderful change to what we have been using for many years’.

‘It’s the taste and aroma—-we all tend to congregate in the coffee room and still discuss our business –while we enjoy our coffee!’

‘Silverspoon has delivered a coffee and tea program that has made our life simple!—All we have to do is enjoy Lavazza one cup at a time!’

‘Each meeting I find we have to move the coffee maker to a conference room—thank goodness Silverspoon had portable units for us to do so. So we have the joy of both worlds—a stationary large unit for 4 coffee rooms and 2 others for us to rely on for meeting use. Thank you Silverspoon’

‘I really didn’t think tea would be a hit here in our restaurant—but our customers are really enjoying Silverspoon’s China Mist Teas . . . cold or hot—it’s been a winner.’